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DiVINes ! an incredible success in 2022 !

The event kicked off the day before with a sold-out Winegrower's Dinner! 45 lucky guests were able to savour a menu in harmony with the wines presented to them by Hildegard Horat, the guest of honour of the show, a Swiss winemaker in France.

And from 11 a.m. onwards, the next day, and for two days, lovers of fine wines were present and appreciated the exchange with the women winemakers.

The 30 winegrowers from all over Switzerland were happy to share their experience and taste their wines with enthusiasm.

In the Salle des Chevalières, at the Château de Rolle, the DiVINes ! 's Bar offered visitors some snacks.

Without forgetting the volunteers who accompanied us throughout this beautiful weekend.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023 !

 Everything you need to know about DiVINes ! Swiss Winegrowers' Fair 2022

30 vigneronnes suisses

Guest of Honnor : Hildegard Horat

6 cantons : Genève, Neuchâtel, Vaud, Valais, Tessin, Zurich

45 cutlery at the Friday evening Winegrowers' Supper

40 volunteers



©Lia McIntyre