The DiVINes! tastings of aubert & siron® sparkling show in honor of women workers in the vineyard and wine.

At the castle on Saturday 6 November at 5 pm in the municipal council room.

VoixpluriElles, a female vocal ensemble, sings the drunkenness of the depths and that of the summits, the drunkenness of travel and that of contemplation, drunkenness that unties tongues, nostalgic drunkenness, laughing or even shameless and oh so liberating! Of course, the greatest drunkenness for singers that we are, is singing. With us and with the nectars of the DiVINes “Get drunk on wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. But get drunk! "Baudelaire

A clown, Véronique Calpini, and aubert & siron®️ who will blind taste the best qualifiers to talk about the vine, the wines and the cork.

High-level and rather comical show.

Tickets CHF 25,-/pers.